Who is Clear Mountain Building Inc

The Clear Mountain WAY

Many People ask us why we do what we do! The answer to that is our mission or why we exist, and it is simple: We started out as employees like most. However, as we grew tired of watching history repeat itself on one botched project after another, and one over priced qoute after another we said there has to be an honorable way! So Clear Mountain Building inc. was born.

OUR MISSION:  To Honor the most Valuable Resources of our Friends our Clients, that is thier time, money and most importantly their home! 

“Words without Actions are just like puffs of smoke in a smoke filled room, they don’t exist.” qoute by ‘Sheldon Michael’ 

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We Guarantee an Easy and No Pressure walk through of your project! We are a family owned and operated company we understand how hard this proceess is of picking the right team to enter into your home! We are here to please dont hesitate to call or email us and we will get back to you immediately.